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New Paintings Created With Wine
To see  Schribe's newest original art work & wine paintings please visit him on Facebook & Etsy
Mark Schribe


Wine painting using Cabernet Sauvignon -  'South Lawn At Dusk' , Skytop Lodge 22" x 52"Wine painting in siraz - 'Sunrise Over The Princeton Campus' 12"x8"Wine painting in siraz - 'Beautiful City Walk'  20"x14"Painting with Siraz wine, 
'One World' Lower Manhatten   10"x32"Wine painting in siraz - ''Wine Painting  II  8"x12" Wine painting using cabernet sauvignon - ''LIfe Time Supply x 2 ' 17"x21""Kathie Lee & Hoda Today Show" Wine Painting In cabernet  sauvignon, 14"x20"Wine painting using cabernet sauvignon - 'Looking Back on Mile Five' -Princeton Graduate College
20"x32"Wine painting using cabernet sauvignon - 'Looking Up At Mile Six'  - Princeton University
20"x32"Wine painting using Cabernet Sauvignon -  'Skytop Lodge' 22" x 52"Wine painting using Cabernet Sauvignon -  ''Winter On The Lake'' ,  20" x 32"Wine painting using Cabernet Sauvignon -  '"Winter Sunrise at Skytop' ,  22" x 52"
Fundraiser Gala at The Trenton City Museum Ellarslie,  NJ